Tickets for STL program 19/14 eur are available on our home page and 30 minutes before the performance on the spot. Discount ticket 14€ for students, ISIC/ITIC/IYTC, ESNcard`s owners and for the Estonian Theatre Union members
GROUP TICKET: 12×5 discount. Buy 5 tickets at once and pay only for 10 euro per ticket. Offer is valid until the day before the specified performance.

Performing art students (BFM choreography, TÜ/VKA performing arts, lavakas and CPPM and TÜ theater studies) can get a ticket for 12 eur registering your visit beforehand to or before the performance at the venue only if there will be vacant places left.

At the door we accept only cash!

The reiteration ticket offers the possibility to see one performance several times. As the performing arts and dance are non-recurring in their essence and the performance event differs every time for both the artists and the audience, we give the audience a chance to visit again the same performance.
You can visit again a show at different date when you hold a ticket for a previous show in case there are free seats. One day before the show you can register yourself as a visitor at info @ We invite you to use your chance!