MODINA: Temporal Spaces

Célia Bétourné and Max Levy

“Temporal Spaces” is open for showing:

22nd of February at 18:00 – 22:00, at 19:30 an artist talk with Taavet Jansen. LISTEN HERE

23rd of February at 15:00 – 19:00

The multimedia danceinstallation “Temporal Spaces” is developed during the 8-week MODINA  residency from 8th of January to 21st of February 2024. It will culminate with an artist talk and a public showing on the 22nd and 23rd of February 2024



Max Levy Choreographic Works and Cosa Mentale invite you to Temporal Spaces, a multimedia dance installation about self-witness; to explore one’s body through the fragility of space, memory, senselessness and narrative.

Balancing the peace between too much noise and too much silence, this audiovisual experience focuses on the seen, the unseen, the heard, and the lost, guiding one’s curiosity to reveal the nuances of selectivity in: How do we compose ourselves through the preciousness of simplicity and chaos? What do we move, and what moves us? When we begin, how do we begin? Will we find the clarity to stop? And when will we decide to begin anew?

Partnered with an AI-driven body and pattern recognition system, gaps in the infallibility of technology peek through. Inaccuracies and misnomers become part of our scrutiny on perception and exactitude. Sequences emerge as our bodies and actions are recognized and reorganized, our pasts misremembered, replayed and disintegrated.

As the AI’s ambiguous methods paint a patterned matrix, we wonder if the narratives of our own pasts are any less fabricated. As we reframe our histories with each new experience, are we remembering the right choices? Will we ever remember, or be remembered, for the things that mattered most to us?

Célia Bétourné

Célia Bétourné is an artist and designer whose work explores the intersection of new media, visual art, and technology. With a Master’s degree in Video Game Direction from Supinfogame Rubika and experience in virtual reality environment creation, artistic direction, and visual prototyping, Célia has a diverse range of skills in real-time content creation & experience design. She is also a co-founder of Cosa Mentale and Acéphale collectives, where she develops projects in immersive experience, interactive installation, generative art and audiovisual performance. In addition to her artistic work, Célia shares her knowledge and skills through freelance missions and training workshops, teaching 3D modeling, prototyping, and virtual and augmented reality creation. With an artistic approach to new technologies, Célia continues to explore the possibilities of digital art and interactive design.


Max Levy

Max Levy is a Tokyo-born choreographer and multidisciplinary artist based in Frankfurt am Main. He trained at San Francisco Ballet and performed in America before moving to Europe in 2011. As a soloist at Ballett Staatstheater Nürnberg, he danced notable roles by renowned choreographers, and earned recognition and awards at international competitions. Since 2017, Max works as a freelance choreographer, known for his intersection of meditative processes and charged atmospheres, utilizing performance communication to engage performers and spectators consciously and passively. His recent series “Sleepdancing” explores themes of sleep and attention, engaging audiences to redefine their presence during performances. Levy emphasizes collaboration, empowering artists and performers to contribute significantly to the creative process, ultimately to make work which makes all participants recognize their agency. Levy continues to create choreography while exploring music and visual arts as integral extensions of this work.




Listen to the artist talk with Max Levy and Célia Bétourné about the project, moderated by Taavet Jansen.