Performing Arts for the Next Generation (PANG!)

Sõltumatu Tantsu Lava x PANG!

An international project in cooperation with Italian Artisti Drama Teatro, Portugese Glocalmusicu and Slovenias Pionirski Dom. The purpose of the “Performing Arts for the Next Generation” (P.A.N.G) project is to involve young people in cultural creation and to help them talk about issues that are important to them through art. STL has chosen queer youth and their peers who are interested in queer culture as their target group, and the method of co-creation is a dance performance, which is preceded by various workshops.

The play is created together with choreographer, dance and performance artist Rene Köster and young people aged 13-21. year. The keywords of the project are “the end of the world”, which refers both to the anxious time in which young people are currently living, and to the fact that at this age so many things can seem like the end of the world.

The work being created has a queer theme, as it focuses on a minority group of young people who are in a weaker position in society compared to other peers. It also opens up the opportunity for young people interested in the topic to get to know the culture, which hides wide possibilities, from the vogue dance style to the incarnation of various characters.

The title of the performance is “Transcendentia”, as this Latin philosophical term denotes reality imperceptible to human experience and a possibility beyond measurable time and space. In other words, the term perfectly sums up the production created with young people: together we are looking for everyone’s inner end of the world and ways to reach a new, brighter level by resisting or going through them. “Transcendentia” will be a space of all possibilities, where you can feel safe and express yourself, and motivate young people to participate more in culture and speak out.

P.A.N.G is a project of the European Union, which was launched as a result of the Covid-19 crisis. The project aims to enter into a dialogue with the problem of inequality among young people and social dissatisfaction in today’s world.

Four countries and associations are involved: Sõltumatu Tantsu Lava (STL) from Estonia, Artisti Drama Teatro from Italy, Glocalmusic from Portugal and Pionirski Dom from Slovenia.