PREMIERE´25: Maria Solei Järvet & KOOSSEIS

PREMIERE´25 choreographers are Maria Solei Järvet and KOOSSEIS (Eveli Ojasaar, Roosmarii Sarapuu, Eva Metspalu, Elina Ojasaar, Mariann Onkel)


Launched in 2009, PREMIERE is an international program for a choreographic debut, offering a professional platform for young choreographers to introduce their artistic vision at their very first movement based dance performance. The aim of the program is to introduce dance artists and choreographers who are starting their independent careers and bring their artistic work to local and international audiences.

PREMIERE´25 will help Maria Solei Järvet and KOOSSEIS bring their first dance performance to the audience in February 2025.


Maria Solei Järvet sees dance as an opportunity for expression, through which to talk to people about important topics. “At the moment, I am focusing on the phenomenon of aging and the passage of time in my work, which is inspired by a deeper introspection towards the dancer’s life, age and career,” explains the young choreographer. Maria Solei Järvet graduated from the Copenhagen School of Contemporary Dance in 2023, majoring in dance. At the moment, she works as a freelancer both in Estonia and abroad, cooperating with various international groups and institutions.


KOOSSEIS is a creative group of five young dance artists, which includes Tallinn University choreography graduates Eveli Ojasaar, Roosmarii Sarapuu, Eva Metspalu, Elina Ojasaar, Mariann Onkel. “We are motivated by self-irony and social criticism, in the spirit of which we create characters and a mystical and tragicomic atmosphere in our performances. Absurdity and dance definitely have their place in KOOSSEIS’s work, which is reflected in our physique, movement and created visuals,” says Eveli Ojasaar.