Battlejämm 2023

The winners are:

Contemporary dance:

1. Jane Pärn

2. Ihoan Figueroa

3. Eva-Maria Uvarova

All styles:

1. Ignat  Lahno

2. Merilin Kruberg

3. Marta Vunsh

Happening performance:

1. Kärt Koppel

2. Alma Nedzelskyte

3. Kaisa Linn

STL special prize: Alma Nedzelskyte

Keithy ja Anumai special prize: Helina Karvak, Rainer Olei, Allan Ernits

BATTLEJÄMM is a battle that takes place for the fourth time and invites everyone to experiment with the body, space and time. According to the rules of the Battle, dance and performance artists in different categories come to jam with each other in a 1vs1 format.

Regardless of the popularity of dance battles in Estonia, contemporary dancers and artists rarely have the opportunity to test themselves in such a format. Battlejämm creates an opportunity for that. In the case of the Battle format, we value above all the fact that the participants do not have to prepare specific material, find a space or production to take the stage, but the given conditions for performance are created by the organizers.

The categories this year are contemporary dance, happening performance and this time as a surprise category, all styles.

REGISTRATION for participants is open until December 28. To register, buy a ticket from Fienta

1 category: 7 euros
2 or more categories: 9 euros

All proceeds from the registration fee will be shared between the three first place winners!
The event is FREE for spectators! There is an option to contribute to the winners fund.


12:00-13:00 registration/warm-up
13:00-15:00 contemporary dance
15:00-17:00 all styles
17:00-19:00 happening performance

The HOSTS of Battlejämm are Johanna Vaiksoo and Tristan Czar Aaasmäe!

Prizes for the winner are by the lovely: Free Flow Studio, Kanuti Gildi SAAL, Nike Esinduskauplused, Telliskivi Loomelinnak, Tallinn Music Week, Stella Soomlais studio, Sinu Looduskosmeetika and Woolish

Sponsors of the event: Värska Vesi, Punch Club, Bolt and Kai Kunstikeskus


In the category of contemporary dance, the dancer’s ability to use the techniques specific to contemporary dance (contraction and release, floor technique, etc.), the sense of music and the ability to improvise in a varied manner are evaluated.


1. Merilin Kruberg

2. Alice Aleksandridi

3. Jevgeni Grib

DJ: Julia Koneva

Happening performance is a category where there is a search for the balance between the unknown and the known by observing and using both external and internal impulses. In this category, we encourage participants to discover all the possibilities that exist in this space and time through their own bodies. Happening performance evaluates the performer’s stage presence, ability to influence the audience, to play with the specifics of location and inventiveness to create contact between their body, objects and sound. Although the main tool of the participant is the body, a dance technique is not necessary here. Therefore, everyone who is interested in experimenting is welcome!


1. Sigrid Savi

2. Liisa Saaremäel

3. Jaana Persidski

Sound designer: Roland Karlson

All styles is a category that has the potential to bring together dancers who normally do not have a point of contact because there is no single stylistic framework in this category. Regardless of their actual knowledge in different dance styles, the dancer’s task is to quickly and maximally adapt both cognitively and technically to each new piece of music. The music can vary from one extreme to the other – from country to K-pop. Thus, All styles is a playful and creatively rich category whose main motto is: head into the unknown!


1. Sveta Grigorjeva

2. Igor Lider

3. Markus Monak

DJ: Aire Ilumäe

The creators of Battlejämm are Anumai Raska and Keithy Kuuspu. Produced by Sõltumatu Tantsu Lava (STL).

In the media:

“VÄRDVORMID KUI UUS PEAVOOL?” – Kärt Koppel, Tantsu kuukiri, nr.133

“Battlejämm seab üksteise vastu tantsu- ja etenduskunstnikud” – ERR kultuuriportaal, 27.12.2023