VIVA LA VIDA until death do us part

“VIVA LA VIDA until death do us part” is a concert-dance performance which is aiming to strengthen one’s agency and resist everyday’s oppressing circumstances by using continuous movement, dance and expression.

A boy and a girl, who dance on a suburb’s concrete pavement and slum’s dusty clay surface.
A man and a woman, who leap across a stage in their ballet shoes.
Him and her competing on television for a prize money and acknowledgement…
and them going at it in the club, heartbeats synchronized through music.
You, who dance alone in your underwear, hidden by bedroom solitude.
They all know, and if not, then at least hope for dance to save them.
Temporarily or forever.


The author Joanna Kalm is an artist, whose activities and interests include choreography, photography and blogging. She has graduated from the Tallinn University with a BA in Choreography and from the London Contemporary Dance School, with a PG diploma. Joanna sees herself as a shy expressionist who likes to disturb and disrupt the habitual flow of life with absurdity and juxtaposition. She enjoys finding artistic potential and value from unexpected sources, be it her grandmother’s wardrobe, someone’s ‘too’ energetic personality, or trash on sidewalks. As for now, she is drawn to live art in public spaces and creating new environments for self-expression.