“Femmaaž” is a fucked up homage to five women who caused revolutions with their solo dance performances back in the days. And if not revolutions then, at least, something that rocked general understanding of dance and understanding as such. “Femmaaž” is a kind of retrospective, but not quite, because we don’t quote the solos, we make them a starting point, an impulse, a basis for our own solos.
Sveta Grigorjeva is choreographer, poet and performance artist. Her “sõp rus est”, which was presented within the PREMIERE programme, was a Best Newcomer at the Estonian Independent Dance Awards 2011. She has made solo and group performances. Her latest, “Carmina Trash”, was nominated for the Estonian Annual Theatre Awards dance prize. Through her role in “Carmina Trash” she offers her opinions in the form of articles, she raises issues of possibilities of making art and speaks loudly about Estonian performance art landscape. She has published poetry in magazines “Värske Rõhk” and “Vikerkaar”, and 2013 her own poetry book “who is afraid of sveta grigorjeva?”
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